Belle-V Icecream Scoop
VIP Book Kit
“3 Steps to Success” 1. Get Wise -- From Smart to Wise 2. Be Happy -- Delivering Happiness 3. Rise Up -- Rise of the DEO These hand selected books were...
Free Space
1. Start from assigned shelf 2. Roll the dice to determine steps (black = turn left, white = turn right) 3. Trace your steps with tape 4. If you run into a wall,...
Image in the Object
There is beauty in functional pottery in its potential to contain. A cup of tea, a homemade meal, a flower gathered from a walk all transform the object to take on...
Light Bulb Packaging
A solution to packaging an ever-so-fragile light bulb using only corrugated cardboard.
Smart Thinking
LUNAR Design Exhibit
Since 1984, LUNAR has believed the power of design lies in its ability to connect to us, express an emotion and solve meaningful challenges in surprising and...
A Pattern of Achievement
A Pattern of Achievement commemorates KLA-Tencor, a global semiconductor manufacturing company, on their 35th anniversary. The book contains the company's history,...
Animated Graphics
Holiday cards and more...  
Providence Typeface
Type Write
Del Monte Foods
Code of Conduct book designed for Del Monte Foods.
Visual Systems
Baby Food Label
Dialogue of II Places
Though physical distances never change, the mental perception of distance has become abstracted through technology. Today, we are able to connect with a friend who...
Thesis Book
Global Moment
A moment encompasses any event that takes place in a brief span of time. It usually calls out something that is significant and has a lasting effect after the...